DF's not dead yet!

posted by df on 3rd Jul 2010, 5:33 AM

I'm sorry for the total lack of upgrades in such a short time after i just started this comic, but it's not dead yet! My old scaner is broken, I was hoping to fix it, but looks like it's just a piece of trash now... I'm hoping to get another one sometime before the next weekend and will post more new pages.


posted by df on 5th Jun 2010, 2:47 AM

This is an introductory post where i want to - you guessed it! - to introduce myself and what is going on here.

Okay, so first of all this is all about a PC game named Dwarf Fortress by bay12games (a one-man team). If you haven't heard of that, to cut long short let's say, that it's about a dwarves trying to build a fortress and survive the same time. The awesomeness of this game gan be described by three facts: 1) it's free and by default has pseudo-graphics 2) it haven't been upgraded in two years, but fans were still sending donations monthly and 3) when a new version arrived, they send $16,000 in donations that month.

Next, how this comic is gonna upgrade, is a mystery to me, because this is my first time (so be gentle, heh heh) but if the fun of making it won't wear out in a short, i'll figure out some schredule.

Next, i am certainly not nearly an artist and also English is my second language, so if you'll see some mistakes here and there which i don't see, would really appreciate if you point them to me.

And the last thing, i'm currently playing with this blog's options and management system to make it look not so worthless, so stay tuned!

Cheers, Nina

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